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Best Guitar For Country (2023 Update)

If you’re looking for the best guitar for country music, you've come to the right place. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned musician, finding the perfect guitar for your country tunes is essential. With so many options available on the market, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which guitar will best suit your needs. However, there are a few key factors to consider before making your purchase.

Firstly, consider the type of sound you want to achieve. Country music often incorporates bright and twangy tones, so look for a guitar that can deliver those signature sounds. Acoustic guitars with a smaller body size are great for achieving a crisp and snappy tone, while electric guitars with single-coil pickups can give you that distinct twangy sound.

Another important factor to consider is your skill level and budget. If you're just starting out, opting for a more affordable guitar with good quality craftsmanship is the way to go. On the other hand, if you're an experienced player looking to take your country music to the next level, investing in a higher-end guitar with superior tonewoods and electronics may be more suitable.

Are you ready to take your country music to new heights? Are you seeking a guitar that will bring out the twangy and bright tones that are synonymous with the genre? Look no further as we break down the top guitars on the market for country music enthusiasts. Keep reading to discover the best options for both beginners and seasoned players alike.

10 Best Guitar For Country

# Product Image Product Name Product Notes Check Price

The product is ideal for musicians who want a high-quality acoustic guitar with a unique design and rich sound.


This product is ideal for beginners looking for a left-handed acoustic guitar starter package with accessories included.


This product is ideal for musicians looking to build their own customizable 3-string guitar with a classic design.


The product is ideal for guitar players, specifically men, who own bass, electric, or acoustic guitars.


The product is ideal for guitar players who want to learn and play country hits.


This product is ideal for fans of Johnny Cash and country music looking to decorate their home, studio, bar, dorm, or cave.


The product is ideal for beginners learning to play acoustic guitar, as it includes all necessary accessories and features.


The Pyle Acoustic Guitar Kit is ideal for beginner kids and adults looking for a 3/4 sized steel-string guitar.


The product is ideal for beginners and kids who want to learn how to play the acoustic guitar.


This product is ideal for beginners looking to learn how to play the acoustic guitar with all necessary accessories included.

The product is ideal for musicians who want a high-quality acoustic guitar with a unique design and rich sound.

This product is ideal for beginners looking for a left-handed acoustic guitar starter package with accessories included.

This product is ideal for musicians looking to build their own customizable 3-string guitar with a classic design.

The product is ideal for guitar players, specifically men, who own bass, electric, or acoustic guitars.

The product is ideal for guitar players who want to learn and play country hits.

This product is ideal for fans of Johnny Cash and country music looking to decorate their home, studio, bar, dorm, or cave.

The product is ideal for beginners learning to play acoustic guitar, as it includes all necessary accessories and features.

The Pyle Acoustic Guitar Kit is ideal for beginner kids and adults looking for a 3/4 sized steel-string guitar.

The product is ideal for beginners and kids who want to learn how to play the acoustic guitar.

This product is ideal for beginners looking to learn how to play the acoustic guitar with all necessary accessories included.

1. Winzz 36" Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Bundle – Dark Green

Introducing the First Choice 3/4 size 36 inches dreadnought acoustic guitar – your top pick for quality, attractiveness, and affordability. This guitar is the ultimate entry-level instrument, perfect for travelers, children, students, and beginners alike.

Discover a balanced sound like no other, thanks to the handcrafted body and "X" bracing structure. This unique combination offers a bright and warm tone with excellent acoustic properties. Experience exceptional extension and response with every strum.

Playing this guitar is a breeze, thanks to the high-density wood fingerboard and bridge. Not only do they provide a sturdy construct, but they also offer a smooth touch that allows you to glide over the nickel silver frets effortlessly. Say goodbye to constant tuning issues, as the Sealed Gear machine head keeps your strings perfectly in tune. Additionally, the dual-action truss rod allows for fine adjustments to the guitar neck, ensuring optimal playability.

Prepare to be captivated by the exquisite look of this guitar. With state-of-the-art crafting and assembling, a hand-rubbed finish, and retro style, it's a true work of art. The silky smooth body lines and white ABS binding add an elegantly refined touch to its overall aesthetic.

But that's not all – this guitar comes with a full outfit to kickstart your musical journey. Enjoy 1-month of online lessons to get you started on the right track. Protect your instrument with the included gig bag, and stay in tune with the metronome tuner (requires 2 AAA batteries – not included). Hang your guitar proudly with the wall-mounted hanger, and adjust it to your perfect playing position with the adjustable strap. Plus, you'll receive picks and a cleaning cloth to keep your guitar looking and sounding its best.

2. Left-Handed Mahogany Starter Guitar Kit.

The Vizcaya 38-Inch Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar Set is an ideal choice for beginners and students who are looking to learn and play music. The guitar boasts a mahogany plywood top, linden plywood back and sides, and a warm satin finish, providing a premium look and feel.

Designed for left-handed players, this guitar features linden binding and full wood construction with chrome geared tuning, allowing for easy and accurate tuning. The steel string design of the guitar makes it versatile and perfect for various styles of music, including country, jazz, and rock.

The set includes everything you need to start playing right out of the box, including a Vizcaya 38" Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar, a gig bag, a guitar strap, 9 pieces of picks (3 each of 0.46mm, 0.72mm, and 1.0mm, with colors that may vary), a pick holder (with color that may vary), two pickguards (teardrop shape and hummingbird), a full set of extra strings, and an electronic tuner.

The guitar is also equipped with two strap button end pins that can be easily and safely used by the player. With its excellent sound quality, sturdy construction, and comprehensive set of accessories, the Vizcaya 38-Inch Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar Set is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants to learn and play the guitar.

3. Topnaca Cigar Box Guitar Kit: Tunable 3-String Blues Master

The Maple Neck on this cigar box guitar is solidly constructed, evenly grained, and well-polished. Its natural color brings a simple and clean look to the instrument, while also providing a quality neck that supports string articulation. With its acoustic metal brass strings, this guitar produces a mid-bass tone that is perfect for playing blues music.

The Precision Carved Mahogany body of this guitar is made from Okoume, a precious African wood. This wood is known for its dense and uniform structure, as well as its light weight, resistance to decay, and toughness. These qualities make it an excellent material for musical instruments.

One of the standout features of this guitar is its built-in pickup. This allows you to amplify your sound and connect to an external soundbox through the wire jack. Whether you're playing on stage or recording in the studio, this guitar gives you the versatility to achieve the sound you desire.

If you're new to building guitars, you'll be happy to know that this cigar box guitar is easy to install. With the included detailed, step-by-step instructions, you'll have your guitar built in no time. This makes it a great option for beginners and professionals alike.

4. Bronco Horse Guitar Strap: Authentic Leather + Accessories

Introducing the all-inclusive Guitar Picks and Strap Locks Set, a must-have for any guitar player. This set includes everything you need to create music for hours, including 1 Pick, 2 Strap Locks, and 1 Attachment String specifically designed for acoustic and classic guitars.

Comfort is key when it comes to playing the guitar, and that's why each strap in this set is double padded. This double padding not only provides extreme comfort but also helps prevent back and neck pain, allowing you to enjoy hours of comfortable guitar playing.

Not only are these straps comfortable, but they are also stylish and durable. Made with the highest quality materials, including genuine leather ends and high-quality cotton fabric, these straps are built to last. The cool guitar strap design adds a touch of style to your playing, making you stand out from the crowd.

Looking for the perfect gift for a guitarist or musician in your life? Look no further. This set is a great present for birthdays, Christmas, stocking stuffers, New Year, Black Friday, Valentine's Day, and other holidays. The guitarist in your life will be thrilled to receive such a thoughtful and practical gift.

Adjustability is important when it comes to guitar straps, and this set has got you covered. The straps are fully and easily adjustable, ensuring the perfect fit for men, women, and even kid guitarists. With an adjustable range from 36" to 62", you can customize the strap to your desired length with ease.

5. Johnny Cash Guitar Wall Art: Inspiring Country Decor

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6. Best Choice Acoustic Guitar Starter Kit – Natural

Introducing the Complete All-In-One Guitar Kit, the ultimate solution for all your guitar needs. This comprehensive set includes everything you need to start playing right away, eliminating the hassle of purchasing additional accessories. With an e-tuner, gig bag, guitar strap with pick holder, extra nylon strings, 6 celluloid guitar picks, a capo, and a cloth, this kit has got you covered.

Designed for both beginners and intermediate players, this handcrafted acoustic guitar is the perfect instrument to refine your skills. Its classic shape and elegant finish give it a timeless appeal, while the beautiful rosette adds a modern touch for a truly unique acoustic look.

The guitar's design has been carefully crafted to ensure a comfortable playing experience for all ages. With 7 accessories included, and a classic acoustic guitar shape, it guarantees a smooth and enjoyable journey into the world of music. Whether you're a teenager or an adult, this guitar is the perfect fit for you.

One of the standout features of this guitar is its upgraded design. The fretboard and strings are now even closer, reducing finger fatigue and allowing you to play for extended periods without discomfort. Say goodbye to sore fingers and hello to endless jamming sessions.

Learning to play the guitar has never been easier than with this instrument. Thanks to its nylon strings, holding down chords is a breeze. These strings not only make it easier for beginners to play, but they also reduce the risk of damage to the guitar bridge. Additionally, they stay in tune for longer periods, ensuring a consistently beautiful tone while you play.

With dimensions of 38"(L) x 14"(W) x 4.3"(H), this guitar is the perfect size for easy portability without compromising on sound quality. Take it with you wherever you go and let your music fill the air.

7. [Pyle 36” Mauve Acoustic Guitar Kit – Beginner Friendly]

Introducing the 36" Cutaway Body Acoustic Guitar Set by Pyle – the complete all-in-one package for aspiring guitar players. This set includes everything you need to start playing right away, including a storage gig bag, pitch pipe tuner, (6) spare strings, picks, cleaning cloth, and a detachable shoulder strap.

With its ¾ size scale, this junior 6-string guitar is perfect for lessons, recitals, band rehearsals, on-stage performances, or simply practicing at home. The stylish cutaway body design is especially great for beginners and children who are learning to play the guitar.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this beginner guitar features a hand-rubbed matte black finish. The body is made of linden wood, while the headstock and fretboard are made of okoume wood. The matte black finish is complemented by white ABS binding and beautiful celluloid inlay. The chrome die-cast machine head ensures precise tuning and stability.

Designed for beginners and children, this black cutaway junior acoustic guitar kit is beginner-ready. It provides an excellent starting point for those who are new to playing the guitar. You'll have everything you need to start playing right out of the box.

Now, let's dive into the specifications of this guitar set. The total length of the guitar is 36 inches, with a scale length of 23.2 inches. The rosette style is a decal, adding a touch of elegance to the overall design. The strings are made of steel, ensuring durability and clear sound quality. With 20 frets and a body made of all linden plywood top, back, and sides, this guitar offers a comfortable playing experience. The dimensions of the guitar are 36" L x 14.6" W x 4" H.

8. Hola! Music Acoustic Guitar Bundle For Beginners And Kids – 3/4 Size (36") Guitars – "sunburst"

Introducing the Kids Guitar with Quality Design. This guitar is expertly crafted with a smooth spruce top, along with a mahogany back, sides, and neck, ensuring a durable and long-lasting instrument. The glossy finish adds an elegant touch, while the rosewood fingerboard and bridge enhance the overall aesthetic appeal. It's not just the music that will captivate everyone's attention!

This complete set includes everything your budding musician needs to get started. The package includes a padded gig bag with a convenient front compartment, backpack straps, and a handle for easy transportation. Additionally, you'll receive three picks in different sizes, a pick-guard to protect the guitar's surface, a hex key for adjustments, and a strap for comfortable playing.

No need to worry about stringing the guitar, as it comes pre-strung with high-quality D'Addario EXP16 coated Phosphor Bronze strings. These strings deliver exceptional tone and durability, ensuring a fantastic playing experience right out of the box. Simply tune up and let the music flow!

Designed with little hands in mind, this 3/4 sized HG-36SB guitar is perfect for children aged 8-12. Its smaller size makes it easier for young musicians to hold and play comfortably. The guitar is specifically tailored for children between 4'6" and 4'11" in height, ensuring the best possible playing experience.

Looking for a gift that will inspire creativity and musical passion? Look no further! This kids guitar is an excellent choice for beginners and experienced players alike. Whether your child is just starting their musical journey or already shredding like a pro, this guitar will be cherished for years to come.

9. Squier Acoustic Guitar Bundle: Learn & Play Set

The Squier SA-150 is an affordable, full-size steel-string acoustic guitar, designed to deliver a big sound at a small price. It is built to withstand the rigors of everyday use, making it an excellent choice for beginner players. The guitar boasts an all-laminate construction, with a lindenwood top and mahogany back and sides, ensuring durability and longevity.

The SA-150 features scalloped "X"-bracing, which enhances the sound projection, making it louder and more resonant. The mahogany neck is slim and easy to play, while the dark-stained maple fingerboard adds to the guitar's aesthetic appeal. The dreadnought body style produces a full-bodied tone, making it ideal for strumming chords or fingerpicking.

The Squier SA-150 comes with everything needed to get started playing right away. A gig bag is included to protect the guitar while traveling, and a clip-on tuner is included to ensure accurate tuning. Additionally, the bundle includes a guitar strap, extra strings, string winder, and picks, providing players with all the necessary accessories. Furthermore, the exclusive Austin Bazaar instructional DVD provides beginners with the guidance they need to learn how to play the guitar.

Best Guitar For Country FAQs

Are there any particular guitar models that are known for their country music sound?

Yes, there are several guitar models that are well-known for their suitability in producing the signature sound of country music. One such model is the Fender Telecaster. Renowned for its twangy tone and bright sound, the Telecaster has been a staple in country music for decades. Another popular choice is the Gibson ES-335. This semi-hollow body guitar offers a warm and versatile tone that works well for both traditional and modern country styles. Additionally, the Gretsch White Falcon is often associated with country music due to its rich and full-bodied sound, as well as its striking appearance. Other notable mentions include the Martin D-28, which is a favorite among country acoustic guitarists, and the Rickenbacker 360, known for its jangly and chime-like tone. Ultimately, the choice of guitar depends on personal preference and playing style, but these models have proven to be popular among country musicians.

Are there any specific neck profiles that are preferred by country guitarists?

While there is no hard and fast rule, certain neck profiles tend to be favored by country guitarists. One of the popular choices is the "C" shaped neck profile, which provides a comfortable grip for players with average-sized hands. This profile allows for easy chord transitions and smooth solo playing. Another commonly preferred option is the "V" shaped neck profile, which offers more support and stability for the thumb, making it suitable for players who prefer a slightly thicker neck. Additionally, some country guitarists opt for a slimmer neck profile, such as the "Modern C" or "Slim C," which allows for faster playing and facilitates intricate fingerpicking. Ultimately, the choice of neck profile depends on individual preference and comfort, so it's important for guitarists to try out different options to find the one that suits their playing style and hand anatomy best.

Are there any specific pickups that work best for country guitar playing?

When it comes to country guitar playing, there are a few pickup options that are commonly preferred. The most popular pickup choice among country guitarists is the single-coil pickup, particularly the Telecaster-style bridge pickup. This type of pickup is known for its bright, twangy tone, which is ideal for achieving that classic country sound. The Telecaster-style pickups provide clarity and definition, allowing the notes to cut through the mix.

Another popular pickup choice for country guitar playing is the humbucker pickup. While typically associated with rock and heavy metal, humbuckers can also be used effectively in country music. They offer a warmer and thicker tone, which can add depth and richness to your country guitar playing.

Ultimately, the best pickup for country guitar playing depends on your personal preference and the specific sound you want to achieve. It's always a good idea to try out different pickups and experiment with different settings to find the perfect tone for your country guitar playing style.

Can you recommend any affordable options for a beginner looking for a good country guitar?

Certainly! If you're a beginner looking for an affordable country guitar, there are a few options you can consider. One popular choice is the Yamaha FG800. It offers a great balance of quality and affordability, with a solid spruce top that produces a warm and rich tone. Another option is the Epiphone DR-100, which is known for its excellent value for money and delivers a bright and crisp sound. For those on a tighter budget, the Fender FA-115 is a reliable choice. It offers good playability and a decent tone, making it suitable for beginners. Additionally, you might want to explore used guitars, as they can often be more affordable while still providing good quality. Remember to try out different guitars at a local music store to find the one that feels comfortable and suits your playing style.

Is it necessary to have a cutaway design on a country guitar?

Having a cutaway design on a country guitar is not a necessity, but it can be advantageous depending on the player's preferences and playing style. A cutaway design refers to a section of the guitar body being cut away to allow easier access to the higher frets.

In country music, the majority of playing typically occurs in the lower fret range, so a cutaway may not be essential. However, if you enjoy incorporating more intricate lead playing or soloing into your country music, having a cutaway can provide easier access to the higher notes, allowing for more versatility in your playing.

Ultimately, the decision to have a cutaway design on a country guitar comes down to personal preference and playing style. If you primarily focus on rhythm playing and do not find yourself needing to reach the higher frets often, a guitar without a cutaway may be perfectly suitable. However, if you want more flexibility for lead playing, a cutaway design can be beneficial.

Should I choose an acoustic or electric guitar for playing country music?

When it comes to choosing between an acoustic or electric guitar for playing country music, it ultimately depends on your personal preferences and the specific sound you're aiming for. Both types of guitars have their own unique qualities and can be suitable for country music.

Acoustic guitars are often favored for their warm, rich tones and natural sound projection. They are particularly well-suited for traditional country styles, such as bluegrass and folk. Acoustic guitars also offer the advantage of portability and the ability to play without the need for additional equipment.

On the other hand, electric guitars are known for their versatility and the ability to achieve a wide range of tones. They are commonly used in modern country music, which often incorporates elements of rock and pop. Electric guitars allow you to experiment with different effects and amplification, giving you more control over your sound.

If you're unsure, a good suggestion would be to try both types of guitars and see which one resonates with you the most. Additionally, consider the specific sub-genre of country music you want to play and listen to artists who play similar styles to get an idea of the sound you're aiming for. Ultimately, the choice between acoustic and electric guitar for country music is subjective, so go with what feels right for you.

What are the top 10 guitar brands for country music?

When it comes to choosing a guitar for country music, there are several reputable brands that consistently deliver excellent instruments. While individual preference plays a significant role, here are ten guitar brands that are widely recognized for their quality and suitability for country music:

1. Fender: Known for its iconic Telecaster and Stratocaster models, Fender guitars have been embraced by many country guitarists for their twangy tones and versatility.

2. Gibson: Gibson offers a range of guitars, including the popular Les Paul and ES series, which are favored by country players for their warm, rich tones.

3. Gretsch: Gretsch guitars have a distinct vintage appeal and are often associated with classic country tones. Their hollow-body models, like the Country Gentleman and White Falcon, are particularly popular.

4. Martin: Martin is renowned for its acoustic guitars and is a favorite among country artists for their exceptional craftsmanship, resonance, and clarity.

5. Taylor: Taylor guitars are highly regarded for their playability and balanced tones. Their acoustic-electric models are especially popular in country music.

6. PRS: Paul Reed Smith guitars offer a modern take on classic designs and have gained popularity in country music for their versatility and smooth playability.

7. Yamaha: Yamaha guitars are known for their affordability and quality, making them a popular choice for beginners and professionals alike in the country music scene.

8. G&L: Founded by Leo Fender himself, G&L guitars are known for their craftsmanship and attention to detail. They offer a range of models suitable for country music.

9. Eastman: Eastman guitars are handcrafted and known for their vintage-inspired designs. They are favored by many country guitarists for their warm tones and playability.

10. Collings: Collings guitars are renowned for their meticulous construction and premium materials. Their acoustic guitars are particularly well-regarded in the country music community.

Remember, the best guitar for country music ultimately comes down to personal preference, so it's always recommended to try out different models and brands to find the one that suits your playing style and tone preferences the most.

What is the ideal body shape and wood type for a country guitar?

When it comes to the ideal body shape and wood type for a country guitar, there is no definitive answer as it ultimately depends on personal preference and playing style. However, there are some general considerations that can help guide your decision.

Body Shape: The most common body shapes for country guitars are the dreadnought and the jumbo. Dreadnought guitars offer a balanced tone with strong bass response, making them suitable for both rhythm and lead playing. Jumbo guitars, on the other hand, provide a booming and powerful sound, which can be well-suited for country music's dynamic playing style. Ultimately, it is important to try out different body shapes to determine which one feels and sounds best for you.

Wood Type: The choice of wood can greatly influence the tone and resonance of a country guitar. Spruce is a popular choice for the top wood as it offers a balanced tone with good projection. Mahogany is often used for the back and sides as it provides warm and focused tones. Other commonly used woods include maple, rosewood, and cedar. It is advisable to play different guitars with various wood combinations to find the tonal characteristics that align with your preferred country sound.

In summary, the ideal body shape and wood type for a country guitar depend on personal preference and the desired sound. Trying out different guitars with various body shapes and wood types is the best way to find the perfect match for your playing style.

What is the recommended string gauge for playing country music on a guitar?

When it comes to playing country music on a guitar, the choice of string gauge largely depends on personal preference and playing style. However, there are some common recommendations that are often followed by country guitarists.

For acoustic guitars, many country players tend to go for medium gauge strings, which typically range from .013 to .056. These strings offer a good balance between playability and tone, providing a warm and rich sound while still allowing for some flexibility and bending.

On the other hand, electric guitar players in the country genre often opt for lighter gauge strings, such as .010 to .046 or .009 to .042. These thinner strings make it easier to perform intricate licks and bends, which are often a characteristic of country guitar playing. They also tend to produce a brighter tone, which can be desirable in a country music context.

Ultimately, it's important to experiment with different string gauges and find the one that suits your playing style and preferences the best.

What specific features should I look for in a guitar for country music?

When selecting a guitar for country music, there are several features to consider that will enhance your playing experience and suit the genre's unique requirements. Firstly, opt for a guitar with a bright and twangy tone, as this characteristic is prominent in country music. Look for guitars with single-coil pickups, such as Telecasters or Stratocasters, which excel in delivering the crisp and articulate sound country music demands.

Next, consider the guitar's playability. Country music often involves intricate fingerpicking and quick chord changes, so choose a guitar with a comfortable neck profile and low action. This will facilitate smooth and effortless playing.

Additionally, look for a guitar with good sustain and resonance. This will allow your notes to ring out beautifully, particularly important when playing country-style bends and slides.

Lastly, consider the guitar's aesthetic appeal. Many country musicians prefer guitars with a classic or vintage look, such as natural finishes or sunburst designs. However, this is a personal preference and should not override the instrument's sound and playability.

Overall, prioritize tone, playability, sustain, and personal preference when selecting a guitar for country music. Trying out different models and seeking advice from experienced players can also provide valuable insights.